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February...a month when cupid is working overtime. A month when lovers enjoy their company with each other to celebrate. 
A month when single people or persons who have not into a romantic relationship wishing to find a lover to be with, in this special moment. 
And a month when an alone person hoping for their love one's to appear, just to share something special in this special day somehow.

Love is in the air, as they call it. But what about those people who don't have someone to share the love with? Technology is given but it's a lot different compare to the feelings you would feel if that person is present.

Being emotional, sensitive, and vulnerable is ratified when this month arrives. It is when you can express your love, your feelings, your dreams, and even your hopes to someone you love the most. It’s when roses, stuff toys, and chocolates make their meanings represent.

People who aren't sentimental ignore this month and pretend that they don't care at all. It’s only 1 day in a year anyway. It’ll pass. People who say they are busy as an excuse. Or people who choose to spend this month alone because, in their minds, there are better off without someone beside them.

But for those people who are romantic, who look at love like it's a precious thing you can ever have and give back...February is indeed their love month.  

Love can not be only express by giving gifts and all that stuff. Taking you out for dinner would sound great, giving you surprises seems cool but it is more amazing when the person you love will just be with you, talk to you, hold you and stay with you till you both fall asleep. It’s the greatest thing you could ever experience as this moment comes.

For those who haven't see the right person yet.  Don’t force yourself to fall in love just for the sake of being in a relationship, don’t let the world tell you that you must, because you ain’t getting any younger or friends or relatives are having their own and you’re being left behind.
Wait for a while, perhaps wait a little longer or be patient enough to love yourself first before finding someone who’ll love you. Fall in love when you’re ready not when you’re lonely. 
Who knows maybe cupids are having a hard time searching for the heart that deserves the kind of love you can give. 

For those, you had their heartbroken. Be still and don’t lose hope. Things happen for a reason. Have faith that God has His best man/woman for you. He’s only preparing you, to heal you or to rebuild you so when that time comes, You’re ready.  Like Matthew Hussey say, Your relation ended, yes. But you have all the lessons. You still have your heart. You still have you. No one can kill your ability to love. In fact, getting hurt can make you bulletproof. Because you know how the pain feels. Now it’s time to rise up again and permit yourself to move on. 

For those who already found their true love, hold them tight. Don’t let them go. Tell them how much you love them. Show and tell because they always say that, Actions speak louder than words but sometimes, we would still love to hear the words, and see and feel the action at the same time. Because words without action are EMPTY and actions without words are CONFUSING.

For those who have their loved ones but aren't around. 
In what way, we can express our love besides saying how much we want to spend this moment with them? Tell them how much you care. Hang on and keep on loving despite the situation and tell them that you will be waiting and when they come back, you’ll be right there no matter what.

Happiness comes within. You owe yourself to grow, learn and be strong. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Happiness is where you find peace with yourself and contentment in your life. 

Let us Love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us...they know exactly how it should be done. ~ Rudy Francisco



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  • : Joie
  • : my blogs usually tackles about life, relationship, love and faith..i added some poems that i made..my purpose is to touch someone's life, in order for them to see life in more lighter and positive way..hope my visitors will like my page..God speed..=)
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  • Joie
  • i love reading, writing blogs and poems, watching cartoons and listening to musics..i love cooking too..i'm kinda home body type of person ,a loner that is...i hate parties and crowd...so im boring..hahaha..
  • i love reading, writing blogs and poems, watching cartoons and listening to musics..i love cooking too..i'm kinda home body type of person ,a loner that is...i hate parties and crowd...so im boring..hahaha..